Fumaric acid

Tradeasia International Pte. Ltd. established in 2002 and is headquartered in Singapore is a global chemical supplier and trading organization providing integrated chemical procurement services with a level of certainty and trust, which makes Tradeasia stands unique. It was setup with the sole intention of carrying out chemical distribution services especially to commodity industries in many parts of the world.


Fumaric acid is an important specialty chemical with wide industrial applications ranging from its use as feedstock for the synthesis of polymeric resins to acidulant in foods and pharmaceuticals. Currently, fumaric acid is mainly produced by petroleum-based chemical synthesis. Limited petroleum resources, rising oil prices, and heightened environmental concern of chemical synthesis have prompted interest in the development of bio-based fumaric acid from renewable resources. Filamentous fungal fermentation with Rhizopus spp. 

Manufacturing Process

Fumaric acid is currently produced by isomerization of maleic acid, which is produced from maleic anhydride. Maleic anhydride, in turn, is industrially produced by catalytic oxidation of suitable hydrocarbons in the gas phase.

Maleic acid is converted by thermal or catalytic cis–trans isomerization into fumaric acid. The most common catalysts used are mineral acids, peroxy compounds, and thiourea. The crude fumaric acid obtained in this way is purified by crystallization from water.

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